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H E A R T©
Holistic Equine-Assisted Resilience Training

Horse-Partnered ~ Certified

Equine-Assisted Life Coach & Heart Math Mentor

Allow the horses to take you on a journey of self-discovery designed to heal the heart, renew the mind, empower the soul & build resilient, enduring strength. Learn simple to use, on-the-go tips & techniques to reduce stress, overcome energy drains, build stronger connections & experience inner poise, while increasing emotional intelligence, self-awareness & non-verbal communication skills. ~ The Top 3 Predictors of Success! 

Peaceful, therapeutic, fun, customized private sessions tailored to suit your individual life goals

~ Advance to Higher Levels~

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My extreme sensitivity and intuitiveness provide instant and honest feedback.  My feedback reflects your intentions, actions, body language and emotions.  Because you get instant, clear, authentic feedback,  you can relax, learn and grow faster with me as your partner. 🙂




Holistic Equine-Assisted Resilience Training

Scientifically proven to increase heart rate variability, resilience, well-being and to establish BALANCE

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The HEART of Leadership

Are you living in perfect alignment with your assignment?  5 Sessions designed to empower you with passion, purpose and confidence to reach higher level living.  Thrive, Don’t Strive!

100% Money back guarantee.  You WILL experience positive  results if you participate with all of your heart, mind, soul and strength!




“I gained new principles and perspectives for effectively leading myself and others.”

“I gained valuable insights about absorbing and making the most of opposition, connection as a critical path toward influence, handling personal resistance, teamwork and so much more.”

“The lessons I learned continue to expand as I let them sink into my heart and mind and continue to alter my decisions and my life as I apply them one decision at a time.”

“If you want to make the most of your capacity to have a positive influence in your world, I highly recommend investing in yourself by committing to a weekend retreat at Venture to Lead with Barb. It will be worth your time and resources. You will grow. You and the people you influence will be better for it.”

“There was the real dance of changing emotions between me and this horse and it was obvious to me I was the one causing the changes not the horse!”

“This weekend was such a remarkable example to me of how we effect those around us.”

“Reflecting on these experiences has helped me to better focus on Resting in God and offering my healing, comfort, and blessing to myself and everyone I meet.”

“After spending three days with Venture to Lead, I have left with a deeper peace than I have experienced in over a decade.”

“Venture to Lead has given me the tools to begin to redefine negative emotions and negative experiences so that I may interact with them in a healthy manner.”

“Venture to Lead has helped me to release past hurts, as well as feelings and emotions, which I hadn’t realized have been buried for years.”

Brighter Days are ahead!